Strike up the banjos because we’ve got a wild story today. Meet Melvin Alain Cintron, a 37-year-old Floridian whose idea of romance involves setting his cousin-turned-girlfriend’s car on fire. Yep, his own cousin!

According to Local 10, this fiery drama unfolded in North Miami, where Melvin decided to give his cousin’s Jaguar XE sedan a fiery makeover right in front of their home. It’s a real family affair, Florida-style.

Now, Melvin didn’t just casually light the car ablaze… He did it with gusto on April 29, probably to ensure he didn’t melt away in the sweltering Florida heat. Talk about a warm welcome!

Scorching Romance:

The investigators tried to unravel this bizarre romance story, but Melvin’s cousin/girlfriend was too afraid to spill the beans. She initially claimed that her car spontaneously combusted because, well, she didn’t want to deal with Melvin’s fiery temper. She even had to put her phone on speaker when discussing the car. Talk about communication barriers!

But when the truth finally came out, it revealed Melvin as not just a pyromaniac but also a gun enthusiast. He had a fully automatic firearm complete with a double-drum high-capacity magazine, and he gave its drum magazines quite the creative nickname “t—–s.” Jeez. What a boob this guy is..

In a fit of jealousy, Melvin decided to spice things up by stealing his cousin-girlfriend’s purse, which, by sheer coincidence, contained a whopping $1,200 in cash. His reasoning? He thought a bartender was making a pass at her. So, he pulled a bold move and swiped her bag.

Long story short, Melvin’s fiery antics landed him a one-way ticket to the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center. An arrest warrant and a $12,500 bond later, it’s safe to say that love and arson don’t exactly mix well in the Sunshine State. Who would’ve thought?

Most Romantic Restaurants In Fort Myers Area

If you have not made reservations yet, you might be out of luck. However, it’s always worth a phone call to see. Just in time for Valentine’s Day here are a five of the most romantic restaurants in Fort Myers and the surrounding area. Going out to eat is an ages old way to begin a date night. Southwest Florida is full of amazing spots that offer great  food, superb service, amazing hospitality, and finally, the ambiance that can seal the deal. If you know what I mean.

romantic fort myers

Beautiful food can be a precursor for romance for many people. These restaurants have it.

I wrote a story about romantic dining for USA Today’s online travel outlet, 10Best sometime ago. I have to admit that I was a little sad to go back and read it. Several of the places  listed in the article were destroyed or severely damage by Hurricane Ian on September 28th. Some might come back. However, others sadly wont. The list contains several restaurants on Southwest Florida’s barrier islands. Of those listed, a couple have reopened.

Romantic restaurants in Fort Myers open since Hurricane Ian

Il Cielo is one of them. I drove by the Sanibel Island spot a few days ago and was happy to see cars in the parking lot.

In addition, there is Tarpon Lodge on the end of Pine Island. The spot has been a bit precarious to get to. However, the restaurant and the Inn are open and ready to receive guests. This is a great place to watch a sunset and stay overnight in an historic spot. It’s old Florida at it’s best.

Everyone has a different idea of romance, however, these are places that stand out in the traditional since. Here are the top five most romantic restaurants in Fort Myers area. The ones that are open in times for Valentines Day 2023.

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