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Chateau Gaby in Bordeaux

Doesn’t it sound delightful, spending summer in Bordeaux for Wine Wednesday? Although I’d rather be there in person, Bordeaux, I felt transported to the French region last night. The getaway, courtesy of  a wine dinner at The Other Side Bistro in Bonita Springs.

During the dinner, Chef Brian McCarley pulled out all of the stops pairing classic French dishes with wines from Sullivan Estates, which encompasses several chateaus in Bordeaux. These wines are all made with minimal intervention and with great care from using horses to tend the vineyards to using vegan filtering methods in the cellar for Chateau Auguste.

One of the things I love about wine and wine dinners is that they allow you to travel to places through your senses, without spending a fortune on a plane ticket. Here are some photos from an Argentinean dinner I went to recently. Cheers to Wine Wedneday.