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Using the Coravin to pour wine

If you are a wine lover, it’s likely you have a lot of accessories such as stoppers, wine keys, etc. But do you have this must have wine gadget for Wine Wednesday?

It’s a Coravin. The gadget uses a needle to penetrate the cork and extract wine. Argon gas then fills up the space so oxygen wont get in. This is particularly good for when you just want one glass of wine. If yo pull the cork and don’t drink it all, the wine goes bad within days. It’s a pity to waste good wine.

It’s also great if you are trying to decide between two wines. For instance, taste some of each to decide which would be best to compliment your dinner casserole.

Gina and Chiara

Gina Birch and Chiara Soldati, 5th generation and President of La Scolca Winery

Earlier this year I was at a wine event in South Beach with Chiara Scolca from La Scolca Winery. She is the fifth generation from the family estate in Italy and represents the best of the best when it comes to  Gavi dei Gavi wine.

Here is where Coravin’s latest gadget was unveiled to us. It’s called the Pivot. In this model, you actually pull the cork on the wine, then insert the Coravin. In addition, it has an aerator attachment to help those younger, tighter wines breathe. Check out this video to see how it works.

What to look out for

Finally, a word of caution when you get a Coravin. It only works properly on real corks. Many wineries use synthetic corks. Real corks are not flawless and sometimes fail, compromising the wine. Using synthetic material helps to reduce that risk.

Scolca Gavi

Scolca Gavi dei Gavi is a premiere Italian white wine.

One more thing. That La Scolca Black Label Gavi dei Gavi, just wow. Gavi is a small region in northern Italy. It’s a style of  wine, not a grape. The grape used to make this wine is Cortese and La Scolca sets the bar.

This wine is elegant, it is floral, it has citrus and stone fruits, and it is perfect for the climate and cuisine found in Southwest Florida. I might just have to open a bottle this afternoon for lunch. Why wait for dinner to celebrate Wine Wednesday.

Have fun with this must have wine gadget for Wine Wednesday. If you love gadgets in general, check out this one for the kitchen. Italian wine lovers click here.