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Don’t panic. If you just realized you lost your credit card or your information has been stolen, here are the steps to take to ensure you are safe. The very first thing you should do after realizing something is awry is to contact the credit card company. They may cancel the card immediately and prepare to send you a new one. Also, if unauthorized transactions have already shown up, they will walk through them with you. Another thing you should do is keep an eye on your credit report if you believe the person behind the stolen card may have more important personal information, such as your social security number.  The last thing you should so is your final clean-up. When the new card is on the way, destroy the old one if you have it. Just because it’s canceled doesn’t mean it can’t be used to steal an identity. A good habit to get into is reviewing your credit card statements regularly. Have you ever had your information stolen? Did you have to pay anything or was it covered?